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Sobre Ontens is a periodic focused in Teaching History, absolutely FREE.
Our editorial line seeks to publish texts on Historical Learning, Teaching History and History of Teaching.
Here you will find the guidelines for sending your text. Read carefully the determinations on format and content.


Format of the text
See the text template at the bottom of the page
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The text should be sent with the following characteristics:
  1. Docx format [we will not accept other formats]
  2. Size: Maximum of 5000 words [not counting title or bibliographical references]
  3. Layout: Margins 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 cm.
  4. Title: In caps lock, centralized, font CALIBRI 16pt.
  5. Name: centralized, font CALIBRI 16pt, just below the title. Enter the complete name.
  6. Text with more than one author: in addition to the text sent by the author, other authors must send authorization, by e-mail, indicating that they accept the proposition of the article. The deadline for this confirmation is 3 days. After this deadline, the article will not be confirmed and will not continue for analysis. At 2019, maximum of three authors [include supervisor].
  7. Required Title, Abstract [up to 200 words] and 3 key words in Spanish or English or French, preferably.
  8. Text: Alignment without tabulation; Single spacing; Source CALIBRI 14pt; Paragraphs separated by a single space
  9. Quotes: with up to three lines, in the body of the text, using "quotation marks". With more than three lines, must be presented in new paragraph, source CALIBRI 14pt, should be indicated by the use of "quotation marks". NO USE TABS.
  10. References: ONLY the references used in the text MUST be indicated. Additional bibliographies should not be submitted.
  11. At the beginning of the References section, the author's references should be indicated, such as: titling, acknowledgments, research promotion programs, orientation, etc.
  12. Reference Format follows the standard, according to the following images.
  13. Just indicate the bibliographic references you used in the text. DO NOT add references that do not appear in the text.
  14. Note: DO NOT USE FOOTNOTE NOTE OR ENDNOTE. Do not use tables, edits, fonts, or alternate configurations. Texts with these features will be returned.

Text submission

When the writing is ready, the last steps are:
The text should be sent with the author's name.

Example: GilbertoAdler.docx

You will receive automatic confirmation. In case of doubts or problems with the text, we will contact you.

We await you!


The articles received will be evaluated within [a maximum of 60 days]. After that date, non-publication implies that it has not been approved.

  • Texts with recommendations will be sent to the authors, if any modification is required.
  • Evaluation of the articles is carried out by invited researchers, and undergo the double blind evaluation process.
  • In this process, the texts sent are evaluated by two external analysts, whose opinions are sent according to the defined criteria.
  • In case of doubt or disagreement, the third reviewer may be summoned for final decision.
Concluding remarks:
If the proposal is accepted for publication, the author automatically agrees with all the conditions determined by the journal.
The periodic Sobre Ontens reserves the right to publish the articles with an evaluation, and is not obliged to publish any material sent to it.
The journal may, at any time, without prior notice, remove articles from the line on which it is established:
- plagiarism / that offend people, groups and behave any type of prejudice / that are not of interest to the direction of the periodic

See text template below
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